Makedon Nation Guide, Review, Strategy, and Gameplay

Makedon – Hellenika – Dominions 5

Strategy 1: Omni Resists

The Core Strategy:

Get the Statue of Fertility Pretender. 5 Fire, 4 Air, 4 Water, 5 Earth, 8 Nature, and 5 Blood. Get these blesses: Heat Aura, Minor & Major Shock Resistance, Minor & Major Cold Resistance, Fire & Shock Resistance (Earth Bless), Major Poison Resistance, Barkskin, Blood Bond.

Scales: 7 Dominion, 1 Chaos, 1 Sloth, 3 Heat, 3 Growth, 0 Luck, 3 Drain.

Give your Lords of Heroes Champion’s Skulls to get them their XP. Also cast the spell that does the same thing (Heroic Manifestation).

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

The video outlines a strategy for achieving late-game dominance in Dominions 5 with Makedon using the Hellenika mod. The key points of the strategy are:

  • Focus on gaining experience for your Champions and Exalted Champions to unlock their full potential. These units gain immortality through experience and can eventually become Pretenders, granting them dominion over the map.
  • Utilize summons like Celestial Hoplites and Bronze Age Heroes to bolster your army. These are powerful summoned units that provide strong frontline support.
  • Cast spells like Apotheosis and Heroic Manifestation to further strengthen your forces. Apotheosis grants Pretender status to a demigod unit, making them immortal and able to claim dominion, while Heroic Manifestation gives XP to your lords and nobles.
  • Secure key provinces and resources to maintain your economic and military advantage.

By following these steps, you can achieve victory in Dominions 5 with Makedon using the Hellenika mod.

The video creator also mentions that they plan to increase the challenge in future videos by playing on Impossible difficulty and reducing the number of provinces per nation.

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