Isphenople Nation Guide, Review, Strategy, and Gameplay

Isphenople – Hellenika – Dominions 5

Strategy 1: Better Monstra

The Core Strategy:

Use the Stone Monstra (Construction 1) Ritual to summon the quite tanky but homesick Stone Monstra for 10 Astral Gems per casting.

Get a bless that makes them even tankier (bless them with Shrouds of the Battle Saint) + forge items and give the items to your monstra to make them more effective and less likely to die in combat.

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

In the gameplay video, the player outlines a strategy to dominate the game using Stone Monstra units. Here are the key steps:

  1. Get all the Resists and Hard Skin bless on Stone Monstra units.
  2. Bless Stone Monstra units with Shrouds of the Battle Saints and give them Blacksteel Helmets and Greatswords of Sharpness.
  3. Build Wonderous Workshops in your provinces.
  4. Get as many Eternal Guardians as possible.
  5. Expand your empire and conquer as many provinces as possible.

The player believes that this strategy is very effective and can help you win the game. They were able to conquer a large number of provinces and defeat the AI using this strategy.

Strategy 2: Blessed Monstra (Failed)

The Core Strategy:

Same as the Better Monstra Strategy, but failed because I didn’t get Magic Resistance on my bless + Amulets of Antimagic, so my Monstra died to castings of Watery Grave during combat.

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

The player’s strategy in this Dominions game is quite complex. They start by picking the Isphenople nation and utilizing a Stone Monstra summoning strategy. They choose to use Stone Monstra as early-game commanders, focusing on forging Shrouds of the Battle Saints for them at Construction level 4.

The player selects Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Astral Blesses to provide resistance to everything except poison, and goes for an 8-Dominion strategy with maximum order and minimum productivity. They also increase Heat Scales and opt for maximum Growth and minimum Magic.

The player spends early resources on getting Construction level 2 and summoning Architects, who provide extra resources and can upgrade castles to citadels.

For expansion, they aim for Conjuration 2 to summon an army, but they switch focus earlier to get Stone Monstra at Construction 1. They consider Library Guardians as their primary expansion unit.

They aim to get the Wondrous Workshop as soon as possible, which will provide construction bonuses and extra defense and enable recruitment of specific units. They also prioritize research and rely heavily on researchers and sages for progress.

For their army, they consider different unit types and decide to use Stone Monstra as they can be equipped with various items, including the Shroud of Battle Saint and Black Steel Helmets for increased protection and the Great Sword of Sharpness to improve attack.

They expand slowly, intending to secure provinces as much as possible and fortify them using Palisades. They also summon more Stone Monstra and forge more items for them.

Overall, the strategy is meticulously planned and adjusted as the gameplay progresses, relying on specific nation benefits, the summoning of particular units, and tactical expansion and defense.

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