Ind Nation Guide, Review, Strategy, and Gameplay

Ind – Hellenika – Dominions 5

Strategy 1: Wraith Lords (Failed Strategy)

The Core Strategy:

  • Use Wraith Lords, which are Immortal beings with cold and poison resistance, fear aura, and high protection.
  • Bless the Wraith Lords with the Shroud of Battle Saint, which gives them bonuses to their Attack, Defense, Skill, Strength, and resistances.
  • Choose scales that maximize Magic, Growth, and Resource.

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

  • The video is a walkthrough of a Hellenika Mod game played by an experienced player.
  • The player tries to play as the IND faction and focuses on Wraith Lords.
  • The player creates a pretender God with Fortitude, Astral magic, Air resistance, and Fire resistance bonuses.
  • The player sets up their starting province, recruits units, and makes one of their commanders a prophet.
  • The player explores the map, expands their territory, researches new technologies, and builds new structures.
  • The player fights battles, wins some, and loses some.
  • The player ends the playthrough because they don’t think they can win the game. They mention that the IND faction is too difficult to play in the early game and that they were not able to get any of the bonuses that they were hoping for from the blesses.

Strategy 2: Quickness

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

The speaker in the video, Rune Connor, discusses his gaming strategy for playing ‘Ind’, specifically focusing on creating a character, known as a Pretender, for a ‘Quickness’ bless.

He chooses the Oracle Statue as his Pretender which has the ability of water and astral magic and cannot move. He also decides to make his Pretender ‘imprisoned’ which gives the benefit of extra magic.

He customizes the Pretender with the ‘Quickness’ skill for enhanced attack, defense, and damage ability and the ‘Barkskin’ bless to make sure his troops don’t die easily.

Further, he opts for ‘Magic weapons’, ‘Magic resistance’ and ‘Arcane command’ to strengthen his troops. To survive in the game, he plans to use fire resist bless, a reward from a Wonder site of ‘Ind’.

He makes a point to grow his army, recruit soldiers, and expand his territories by attacking neighboring provinces. He also states the importance of researching rumored magic sites for beneficial rewards.

He mentions his plan to recruit Magog Mothers for their nature, blood, and death site searching ability and the possibility of forging holy water flasks for commanders.

Towards the end, he plans for an attack against Ragha and needing Great Huntresses for an army, which must be conducted in a carefully planned matter.

In summary, his strategy is quite comprehensive: it involves careful Pretender selection, continuous army recruitment, sensible resource management, aggressive territorial expansion, and strategic combat preparation.

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