Agartha Nation Guide, Review, Strategy, and Gameplay

Agartha – Hellenika – Dominions 5

Strategy 1: Omni Resists (Failed Strategy)

AI-Generated Summary of the Video:

In the video, the player chooses the Omni Resist bless selection for Agartha, a nation known for its resistance to various harmful effects. This bless focuses on maximizing the nation’s natural resistances, making its units incredibly durable against fire, shock, cold, poison, and even bark skin.

The rationale behind this selection is twofold:

  1. Capitalizing on Agartha’s strengths: Agartha excels in resilience, and the Omni Resist bless further amplifies this advantage, creating units that are exceptionally difficult to take down.
  2. Enabling powerful late-game units: The strategy revolves around utilizing Agartha’s late-game powerhouses like Sentinels and Granite Guardians. These units possess immense defensive capabilities, and the Omni Resist bless makes them nearly impervious to damage.

However, the video also highlights the drawbacks of this approach:

  • Weak early game: While the Omni Resist bless shines in the late game, it does little to address Agartha’s early game vulnerability. Units like hurlers, which form the core of the early army, have low attack and morale, making them susceptible to defeat.
  • Costly and delayed payoff: The key units and spells required for the Omni Resist strategy are expensive and only become available later in the game. This can leave the player struggling in the early and mid-game if not executed flawlessly.

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